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How to deal with “causeless” depression?

You are satisfied with life, relationships, work, health status? Everything is generally good, but suddenly for no reason you begin to experience irritation, apathy, drowsiness, forgetfulness? Why is this happening and what to do with it?

1. Consider seasonal features

Depression caused by the change of seasons is called a seasonal affective disorder (SAR). Some people fall into longing due to a reduction in daylight hours, others because of temperature differences, but all suffering SARs feel depressed in the absence of visible problems.

How to deal with this disorder? The most effective way is to replace ordinary bulbs with full -spectral. Their light is much closer to the natural and can help the body better

tolerate the change of seasons.

It is also worth considering: perhaps once this month has a nuisance, and since then it has been associated with it. For example, I can be very sad in early June, because it was at this time that my mother died. Sometimes longing sneaks up unnoticed, and I do not immediately understand what is the matter.

2. Take the tests

The two most common causes of depression are problems with the thyroid gland and a lack of vitamin D in the body. To develop vitamin D, the body needs sunlight, its deficiency can cause apathy, lethargy and, ultimately, depression. Fortunately, it is simple to determine the presence of a problem – it is enough to take a blood test, and then take vitamin additives or medicines prescribed by the doctor.

3. Think about whether you care about yourself

You eat right, get enough sleep? Physically active? Talking to friends? If not, the cause of depression can be in this. It is important to take care of the body and psyche. If you do not, sooner or later the body will react. Having changed the lifestyle, you will most likely find that the depression has weakened or disappeared.

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